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Seeking help?



The Haven Napier Street tries to help people from the street. Find out what we or other organisations can do for you.


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Would you like to help?


The Haven Night Shelter at Napier Street needs your help. You can provide us with clothes (for winter and summer), money, goods and jobopportunities for our clients. 


And we do have a BIIIIIGGGGG wishlist.


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What we do


Our aim is to bring people back to a home. Providing people with temporary shelter is one of the things organisations can do to reach that goal. As The Haven Night Shelter Napier Street, we don't just provide people with a shelter, a shower and food. We want them to go commit to change and that they really want to go home.


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Who we are

We are the Haven Night Shelter at Napier Street. The Haven organisation has more than only one branche. We are one of them. The Haven Night Shelter is a NPO and also has a certificate. We work with our staff, volunteers and a lot of supporting organisation. All with the same mission; bringing homeless people to a home.


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A lot of people are very generous to our organisation and to our people. We are very grateful for that. Of course we don't want the situation that we get things double or that we waste things. That's why we have a wishlist and we try to update it every now and then. 


I was homeless for three years!

We are proud that we can share the succes story of Bronwyn Lowe! Please read it and feel inspired.

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