Yes, you are on the right spot! Of course you can help. There are many ways of how you can support our organisation. Please see our wishlist for goods and money for the rest, get inspired! 

Responsible giving

Responsible giving is a strange word for many people. You always feel that you are giving your money, goods or food on a responsible way. You have thought about what you would like to give, and it feels good.  But! There is a great but in this story.

Lots of people are living on the street. They are the so called street people. They hang around in shopping areas, asking people for money, food and other things. If you give those people anything you are “rewarding” them for staying on the street. With your money or goods a lot of street persons buy drugs like alcohol and heroin, marijuana etc..

As a NGO and no-profit night shelter we encourage our givers not to give directly to people on the street. Instead, give to the ngo’s, non-profit organisations so this organisations can help human beings óff the street. That is responsible giving.