Join our team and become a volunteer

Fun and inspiration

Movie nights, game night, poetry sessions, music sessions, sports and lots of other activities are welcome at our shelter. So join the club for organizing fun and inspirational events. 



Are you creative with food, or do you just like it to cook for about 100 people? You can join our kitchen team. With the food we get from our suppliers you can create a lovely meal.


Food processing

Every evening we get food from our suppliers. Big boxes of fruit, vegetables and even meat. You can help us with processing them. Some food we can’t use anymore and even our Haven has left overs. That goes to the other shelters. You’ll be of great help.



Although we have our administration system, we do have a lot to do need additional help in this area.



As a non-profit non-governmental organisation we depend on subsidies and gifts. Gifts just don’t come, we have to look for it. We have to start a donor base and fundraisers. If you like targets, connection with businesses we would like to invite you in our team!


Marketing and PR

Every organisation needs to be known in the world. If nobody knows us, we won’t get attention from givers and people can’t find us if they need shelter. We need people who can help us with creating an image and attention in our neighbourhood.



Our building is quite an old building and maintenance is needed every day. Are you a painter, a plumber, a gardener or just good with your hands. We need an extra hand!


Skills training

We have a highly motivated staff and we do what we can to help clients to get them back on track. That also includes that we try to educate them and help them with skill development. Everybody has skills and probably you have skills we need. For example:

IT-skills (Finance, computer skills, design, webdesign, etc)

Writing and language skills; can you read and write? A lot of people can’t. You can teach them.

Social skills

  • Entrepreneur skills ( how to start a company, business models
    Business model You development
  • Art skills (painting, handcraft,

Not only our clients are interested. We are also a learning organisation. Feel free to give your skills to us.