Spread the word

Nothing is as powerful as a word-of-mouth message.

  • Spread the word about our work in the Haven Napier Street.
  • Direct people to the Haven if they need shelter.
  • Share your thoughts with potential givers. We need your word.
  • Manpower
  • Knowledge
  • Goods / Office equipment

Distribute our flyers

We developed a flyer/brochure about the Haven Napier Street. Spread to your connection and show them our story. Maybe they want to give or volunteer.


Buy a voucher

In the section about “become a client” you probably read that the night shelter is not for free. Our clients have to pay or have to work for the shelter.

Especially for clients who can’t pay we created the voucher system. You can buy a voucher for R10, 00 each and give them to a homeless man or women. With that they can come to the Haven and find a shelter for the night, if available of course. Otherwise they only can have food, shower and clean clothes. At the shelter they get the possibility to start their life living in a different way.